Grades 5-6-7-8

ConWest youth football camps are designed to introduce young players to the basics of offensive and defensive football. These instructional camps concentrate on the fundamentals of each position and the safety skills that go along with the game. ConWest youth camps are open to football players from the 6th through 8th grade levels. Each camper will be exposed to the fundamentals of all positions on the field followed by concentrated coaching instruction on the offensive and defensive position of their choice. Fun competition will also be part of the camp experience along with an introduction to punting and place kicking.

ConWest youth camps do much more than teach the fundamentals of the game. We talk to the campers about the many intangibles it takes to be a high school student athlete along with the importance of academics. Our instructors and guest speakers relay to the athletes’ real-world experiences and knowledge regarding what it takes to be a student athlete. We discuss such things as character, citizenship, honesty, teamwork, and respect for others in hopes that they leave camp understanding what it takes to be a successful athlete both on and off the field.