The purpose of ConWest recruiting seminars is to help student athletes, parents, and even coaches better understand how the college recruiting process works. We go into detail about the many aspects of this process and why it is important to understand such things as how the different college divisions vary in terms of academic requirements, number of athletic scholarships offered, and other types of financial aid that may be available to the athlete and his family.

The ConWest recruiting seminar goes into the specifics of what colleges and universities look for in a student athlete. It is important to realize there are factors other than athletic ability that these institutions look for or require of the athlete before a scholarship or even the opportunity to play on their athletic team is offered. College coaches look for the well-rounded student athlete that will be a great representative of their team and the institution.

Our recruiting specialists tell how to get on the radar of college football coaching staffs, the pros and cons regarding camps and combines, and a realistic look at what it means to be a student athlete at the collegiate level. We truly believe everyone will have a much better understanding of what college football recruiting is all about once they attend the ConWest recruiting seminar.

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