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Conwest College Football Recruiting is a team of experienced professionals that provide a variety of services for athletes wishing to take their football skills to the next level.


Each year thousands of senior football players graduate from high school.  Many of these student athletes have a strong desire to continue their football careers at the collegiate level.  Through our college football evaluation service, it is our goal to help these young men and parents identify the level of competition that best matches the athlete's talents and abilities.  What validates our evaluation is our many years of experience as coaches and recruiters at the various levels of collegiate and professional football.  We have worked with and recruited football players from all areas of the country and from every type of high school program.  We know exactly what colleges and universities look for at each position.  Our football evaluation process is completely objective and is based on the skills and abilities of the athlete along with other elements colleges look for in a football player including size, speed, quickness, strength and effort.  College football programs also vary in terms of academic requirements and field of study.  It is vitally important that the athlete make his college choice based both upon academics and athletics.     

The reality is there are many places to play college football if the athlete truly has the desire, determination and passion for the game.  We truly believe success in the classroom and on the field is possible.  It is our objective to help each student athlete experience his dream for at least the next four to five years after graduating from high school. 

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